Medical Imaging for Intelpixel

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    Intelpixel, Inc.
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    Delray Beach, Florida

Medical Imaging for Intelpixel


Radiologists have the difficult and crucial task of determining an accurate diagnosis.  ML can help augment this by accelerating workflows and providing a second set of eyes with less bias.


A NLP pipeline that runs in the InfinStor multicloud ML platform. Directly use pretrained models such as huggingface, or fine tune these models with custom data. Deploy model for batch inference of real time inference.

InfinStor Unique Capabilities: InfinStor's multi cloud ML Platform is the industry's only platform capable of running different parts of the ML pipeline in different clouds. InfinStor keeps your cost down by choosing the cheapest VMs in the cheapest cloud to run each step of the pipeline. This can help in cost effectively fine tuning models and deploying models in a suitable instance in a suitable cloud for batch or real time inference.

InfinStor's InfinSlice helps to manage large amounts of data by providing the capability to micro batch and run inference on only newly ingested data. InfinSnap is the industry's only no-copy solution for Data Provenance.
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