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Enterprise Grade MLflow as Core Component of MLOps Platform

A Fortune 500 global biopharmaceutical company set out to create an MLOps platform for all of their data science and MLOps staff. This was the most critical component of their AI-centric future and the enterprise requirements that they placed were extreme. After a series of architecture discussions and grueling tests, they chose InfinStor Enterprise MLflow as the core of their multicloud and multiregion MLOps platform.

The biopharma company under discussion is a forward-thinking company that understands the central role of AI in their future. A managed MLOps platform that offered the following functionality was essential.

AI Experiment Tracking

In the world of AI, Experiment Tracking serves the same purpose as the quintessential ‘Lab Notebook’. R&D teams in Life Sciences know the importance of the Lab Notebook – it is essential for filing patents, tracking the work of R&D staff, providing required documentation for FDA and other approvals, etc. AI Experiment Tracking serves exactly the same purpose in the modern AI first pharma companies.

AI Experiment Tracking is essential for filing patents, tracking the work of R&D staff, providing required documentation for FDA and other approvals

AI Model Management

AI Models are the core Intellectual Property of the modern AI driven biopharma companies. Unauthorized access to models could result in billions of dollars of losses. AI model management software must provide strict authorization controls.

AI Model management also introduces the need for full provenance. InfinStor MLOps platform provides both data and code provenance. Authorized users can trace back from the model version all the way to the exact data that was used for training and for inference.

InfinStor offers the industry’s only Model Management system that is built around cloud object stores. Further, InfinStor extends its Corporate Directory Single Sign on based access to object stores to MLflow model artifacts. This means that MLops platform operators do not need to create and manage Cloud IAM accounts for users – they can simply authenticate using their corporate directory and authorize users in a fine-grained manner for access to models.

The biopharma company under consideration chose InfinStor on account of the fine-grained authentication, scalability and corporate directory based single sign on authentication.

AI Data Management

AI Data Management is a significant problem that is unique in nature.

The Natural World is Comprised of Unstructured Data, not Row-Column Data

Most AI data is unstructured, e.g., DICOM images, physician notes in pdf form, telemedicine phone call recordings, etc. In the world of Big Data Analytics, processing and compute limitations required this unstructured data to be forced into ‘structured’ row-column Data Warehouses and processing was limited to running SQL queries on this data. Naturally, a great deal of information is lost in this process. Artificial Intelligence systems, particularly those based on Neural Networks/Deep Learning extract extraordinary value from unstructured data. This is the main reason for the quantum leap in performance of AI systems.

The legacy Big Data Analytics tools do not offer any solutions for unstructured data. InfinStor offers unique capabilities purpose built for unstructured data, specifically those that are common in the Life Sciences industry.

The biopharma company under consideration utilized the Data Versioning, Security and Data Selection capabilities of the InfinStor MLflow platform to implement their AI data strategy.

Quoting Deloitte 2021 Global Life Sciences Outlook: ‘Leveraging AI and the Cloud: Investing in scalable cloud-based capabilities to access and analyze (unstructured) data (is critical).


The Fortune 500 biopharma company chose InfinStor as a core component of its AI strategy. The data security, experiment tracking and model management capabilities offered by InfinStor were unmatched in the industry. InfinStor is now in continuous use by all of the Data Scientists and MLOps staff at this biopharma company, proving that InfinStor is the best enterprise grade AI platform in the industry.

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