Compute Management for MLflow

Serverless event-driven computing meets MLOps.
Like AWS Lambda for machine learning workflows.

InfinStor Compute Engine

Harness multicloud and multiregion compute technology using ICE, or the InfinStor Compute Engine.

Lowest Cost VMs

Auto scaling – get VMs from the Cloud or VMware. Uses VMs directly, thereby eliminating Kubernetes complexity.

Directed Acyclic Graphs

Manages input and output from multi-stage processing, schedules large workloads through limited resources.

Data Science with MLOps

Bridge the gap between data scientists and MLOps with our innovative compute technology.

JupyterLab Sidebar

Create multistage pipelines using our intuitive GUI.

Eliminate the need for data scientists to become cloud experts

MLflow Recorder

Automatically records all data scientist runs.

Build multistage pipelines using recorded runs.