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Security and scalability in an enterprise grade MLflow service.

Built-in Authentication. Cognito User Pools or your corporate Identity Management system.
Tracking Server.
Service is always on, built using AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB.
Shared Model Registry.
Central MLflow repo for registering, publishing, and sharing models.

Concepts and High Level Architecture

What is InfinStor MLflow?

The MLOps Operating System includes an MLflow service hosted in the cloud. All standard capabilities of open source MLflow are included in InfinStor.

Authentication System

InfinStor Authentication Flow

The InfinStor Service authentication system uses Amazon Cognito.

This single sign on is used for authentication to the InfinStor service dashboard and the Jupyterlab sidebar with access to the MLflow UI and MLflow CLI for MLflow Projects.
InfinStor MLflow Authentication Screenshot

Tracking High Level Architecture

InfinStor MLflow Tracking

A cloud native implementation using AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB. It is highly scalable and can support any number of users concurrently, without having to resize SQL databases or REST server components.
InfinStor MLflow Tracking Architecture Diagram

Projects High Level Architecture

InfinStor MLflow Projects

An MLflow Projects plugin for running MLflow projects in the cloud, either in a single VM or in an EMR cluster.  Project tracking is automatic with the InfinStor MLflow Tracking service.

InfinStor MLflow Projects Architecture Diagram

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Open Source MLflow and Enterprise MLflow

The open-source MLflow library is a fantastic interface and introduction to MLflow but it does not have authentication or authorization. Built-in scalability is a question and there are no considerations given to high availability and faster recovery.

While running an experiment locally with the open-source MLflow library installed can be useful, there is no access at the corporate level as well as on other personal machines.